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Report: LeBron James "Committed" To Resurrecting Derrick Rose's Career


When Derrick Rose inked his new contract with the Cleveland cavaliers for $2.1 million, it was a sign of how far he'd fallen.

The former MVP was once considered one of the league's best young players. The impact he made both on and off the court were unquestioned.

But after several season-ending injuries, his career took a turn for the worst. He never played up to his previous standards, and he never gained back all of the respect he had lost.

The Cavaliers give Rose a last chance to resurrect his dying career. This could be his last opportunity to show he can still play at an All-Star level, and it'll be a daunting task to complete. Luckily for Derrick Rose, Lebron James himself has taken a special interest in the cause.

Via ESPN's Dave McMenamin on The Jump:

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“I’ve heard that for the first couple of days, Derrick Rose has been ‘killing it. I’ve also heard that LeBron is invested in Derrick Rose’s career so that he can get that next contract.”

WIth LeBron at his side, the once-promising All-Star point guard may be able to find his way again. With Isaiah Thomas injured, it'll ultimately be up to Rose, though, to pick up his performance.

The former MVP point guard looks to be on the right track, as he's reportedly been "killing it" at LeBron's players-only minicamp.

While he'll probably never be the MVP he was long ago, nobody said his days of playing meaningful minutes are over. D-Rose could yet rise to the occasion, especially if LBJ himself is trying to make it happen.

Bigger miracles have happened, right?