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Report: LeBron James' Agent Had A Chat With The Lakers


So, remember all those rumors about LeBron James joining the Lakers next season? As far fetched as that seems, another small piece of evidence has surfaced.

Just days ago, Lakers insider Serena Winters tweeted out this quote from Lakers GM Rob Pelinka.

It;s important to remember that Rich Paul has more than one agent, so they could've talked about any one of his clients. But it still raises a flag when the agent of LeBron James complements your team's decision making. If Rich Paul has already reached out to Los Angeles, The King himself may have taken notice as well.

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Over the summer, the Lakers made some smart decisions. Picking good prospects in the draft, signing short, one-year deals, and making a trade that cleared some cap space is what made this offseason a true success. So far, this Magic run front-office is doing everything right.

Meanwhile, the Cavs stand in a very peculiar place. Kyrie Irving even said so himself. With no cap space to really find any more help, the Cavaliers are stuck in neutral. If Cleveland doesn't get better, LeBron James could very possibly leave again.


And now, with Rich Paul (James' agent) making it known he likes what the Lakers are doing, who's to say LeBron doesn't think the same thing? Of course, we'll never know what Rob Pelinka and Rich Paul discussed. But there's a chance LeBron's name was mentioned more than once.