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Report: LeBron and Kyrie Had A Meeting In Miami

LeBron James Kyrie Irving road uni iso

With everything going on in Cleveland, nobody would expect LeBron and Kyrie to be on good terms. Kyrie no longer wants to play second fiddle, and James is no doubt tired of all the drama.

But according to ESPN's Tony Rizzo (via Jackson Flickinger of King James Gospel), the two actually met in person recently:

"From very reliable sources. Plural. Kyrie and LeBron were in the same room over the weekend in Florida…Apparently, these guys were in the same room and here’s the deal. I don’t know if there’s a thawing out process. All I do know is LeBron didn’t punch Kyrie the way Stephen A thought he would. I can report that. As for what they talked about or discussed…it was very cool. They didn’t get into any heated discussions."

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It seems that despite all the action in recent weeks, King James and Uncle Drew were able to have a chill conversation. What they actually discussed during their meeting will probably never be discussed but, at the very least, the friction between the two may not be nearly as bad as previously reported.

Who knows, maybe the Kyrie-LeBron relationship can be fixed. With some more time to talk and a few more months under their belt, things could improve.

So if there's one thing we've learned fro this latest report, it's that this situation is still salvageable. Just because things seem bad now, doesn't mean the waves won't calm down later.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, that may be the best news they've heard in a long time.