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Report: Lakers Looking To Add Shooter After Releasing Andrew Bogut


The Los Angeles Lakers, in light of their 9 game losing streak, have elected to release Andrew Bogut, according to multiple sources.

The move does two things: allows for Bogut to sign with a playoff contending team, and allows the Lakers to acquire a player that better suits their needs. For Bogut, it's not known exactly what franchise he's willing to play for, or if any of them are willing to look his direction at all. Nevertheless, Bogut's release from Los Angeles will, at the very least, give him a chance to find out.

As for the Lakers, rumor has it that they are looking to sign a shooter to fill their suddenly empty roster spot. While the market is normally pretty thin at this time of year, there are still some notable shooters available that could make a difference if given the chance.

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Still, with the season in full grind and the team quickly sliding, we are left wondering what exactly comes next for the fallen franchise. Is their latest 9-game skid a reflection of their young roster, or are the pieces just not coming together as they'd hoped? Regardless of the reason, Magic Johnson (and the rest of the Lakers management) better start figuring things out -- fast.