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Report: Kyrie Irving 'Was So Excited' After He Knew He Was Being Traded


The drama that surrounded All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers this past offseason was nothing short of a media circus, with rumors flying in every direction daily until Kyrie was finally traded to Boston, and even then, it was still the hottest thing in basketball until the season started back up a few months later.

There have been many conflicting reports about why Irving requested a trade, and what he was feeling leading up to the trade, but according to the latest news, Kyrie was apparently ecstatic to be heading to Boston.

Actor Lil Rey Howery was interviewed on the red carpet at The Oscars by Sportscenter last night, and let us all in on the moment when the five-time All-Star found out he'd be heading to the Celtics on the set of the newest Uncle Drew movie, which Howery is starring in alongside Irving.

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Some may be wondering why Irving would be so jubilant to be leaving the Finals contender that is the Cleveland Cavaliers, but much of that happiness may come from the fact Irving would be leading his own team away from the shadow of LeBron James.

It's hard to argue if Kyrie made the right decision to leave the Cavs though, as the Boston Celtics, even without Gordon Hayward, have been among the top two teams in the Eastern Conference alongside the Toronto Raptors, and have a mighty lead over Cleveland, who sit third in the East.