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Report: Kyrie Irving Wants To Play For One Team 'Very Badly'

Report: Kyrie Irving Wants To Play For One Team 'Very Badly'

Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland, this we all know. As of now, we don’t have much solid information as to why he would want to leave a team that has made the Finals for the past three years if rumors are to be believed then it’s because he wants his own team.

Irving is a bonafide stud. Last year with LeBron James he stilled averaged 25 a night on 47.3% from the field and 40.1% from beyond the arc. Clearly, he is capable of being a team’s number one option on offense and he knows it. He’s already got a title to his name, now he wants to show everyone that he doesn’t need anyone by his side for him to be successful.

At first, it came out that his preferred destinations were Minnesota, San Antonio, New York and Miami but recent reports are saying that now New York is his first choice.

According to Jordan Schultz Kyrie is ‘enthused by the idea of playing w/ Porzingis’ because it ‘will allow him to a) control the ball and b) run a lot.’

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Porzingis is one of the brighter young stars in the NBA. He’s 7 foot 3 who can play both inside and outside. He has a great touch at the rim, is very athletic for someone of his stature and he hit a respectable 35.7% of his threes last year.

The pick and roll combinations of these two would very tricky for opponents to handle as both stars can score extremely well from this position.

At the moment the Cavs aren’t willing to do a straight trade Irving for Melo and you can see why. Anthony will be 33 next season and is a star on the decline. Irving is top five point guard in the league and only 25.

New York is going to have to give up more if they want to bring Uncle Drew to Madison Square Garden.