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Report: Kyrie Irving Spoke To Justin Bieber's Pastor Before Requesting Trade


Choosing to request the Cleveland Cavaliers for a trade couldn't have been an easy choice for Kyrie Irving. There's a lot at stake for a guy like that.

And according to TMZ Sports, Kyrie had a little help with his decision.

Before requesting a trade from the Cavs during that meeting two weeks ago, Irving reportedly met with Justi Bieber's pastor, Carl Lentz of Hillsong church, to get some advice on this monumental choice.

What does this tell us? For one, it probably means Kyrie has been unhappy in Cleveland for a while now. Also, it could mean that Ky somehow feels guilty about the way he feels, and was looking to the Pastor for reassurance. Most importantly though, it means that the point guard thought this through.It wasn't some silly, regrettable choice. He sought advice and took some time to make sure he was making the right decision.

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Another thing to note: Kyrie and Lentz have been close for a long time Lentz reportedly urged Irving to make the decision he was most comfortable with.


Right now, it's looking like Irving has no regrets. He went with the choice he knew was right. Whether or not it's actually the right decision will not be known for a while. But make no mistake: this trade request is real, and it's not something that wasn't well thought out. He thought long and hard about this, much to the dismay of Cleveland.

The combination of Irving and James has led the Cavs to three consecutive NBA Finals, including the 2016 NBA Championship. Uncle Drew is coming off his best statistical season, where he averaged 25.2 points per game during the regular season, with 25.9 points per game in the playoffs.

Facing a huge scandal, the future for the Cavs has never been more in doubt. As time goes on, the relationship between the two appears to be deteriorating by the minute. Only time will tell if this team can truly recover from a terrifying blow.