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Report: Kyrie Irving Didn't Talk To Teammates For Multiple Days In A Row During 2017 Playoffs


Kyrie Irving's trade request came as a shock to pretty much everyone who follows basketball. Kyrie may have not been singing "kumba-ya" on the court everyday, but nobody saw any real issues that would warrent such a sudden trade request.

But as more and more reports come out, it seems like Kyrie Irving's departure was inevitable. According to the latest report by ESPN insider Dave McMenamin, Kyrie Irving was so disengaged from the team during the playoffs, he went multiple days in a row without talking to his teammates.

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

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From what we've seen from Kyrie, this behavior is not normal. Older reports claimed that the star point guard was unhappy having his name mentioned in trade rumors earlier this summer, which caused some tension between him and the organization. But now, it looks like the dissatisfaction goes back even further.

The fact that Kyrie gave his Cavs teammates the silent treatment during the most important season of the year only points to how far his frustration boiled. The exact reason for Irving's behavior has not been revealed yet, but it's hard to see this going anywhere but down for Cleveland.

At this moment, it's probably already too late to fix things. This has gone too far to repair now, and the Cavs' fate may already be locked up. All we can do now is watch and wait as this Kyrie Irving trade drama continues to unfold.