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Report: Kevin Love Finally Admitts Why He Left The January Game vs Thunder


All of the Cavaliers problems this season can be pointed back to one singular moment on January 20th, 2018.

That was the day Cleveland faced off against the OKC Thunder, a matchup in which they embarrassingly lost, getting blown out by 24 on their home floor.

Despite the horrible result, however, that wasn’t even the story of the night. If you can recall correctly, that was the same day Kevin Love left the game for what was believed to be a “migraine” problem. At the time, his teammates weren’t buying that story, and many in the locker room questioned the real reason for his early exit. It resulted in a team “meeting” that ultimately became a team yelling match. In short, the whole situation lead to a dramatic controversy that threw the entire team in a seemingly never-ending loop of chaos.

And while that game is in the past now, many are still questioning what exactly happened to Love that day.

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Thanks to a recent report by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, we finally have some answers. According to the report, Kevin Love admitted to teammates that the reason for his exit was not a migraine, but a panic attack.

This news comes after the star forward’s piece on mental health, in which he opened up about the myriad of mental health issues he has been dealing with, which started during a November 5th game against the Hawks, in which he suffered from the first of multiple panic attacks, apparently caused by the team’s poor start, lack of sleep, and family issues.

Since the early season panic attack, Love has been seeing a therapist to cope with his recent slew of issues.

With this situation now being made known, it really calls into question the necessity of that January team meeting, which they used to apparently blame Love. Looking back, it seems a bit unnecessary considering the circumstances.

Either way, it appears as if the Cavs, and their All-Star forward, have some work to do if they wish to get in optimal playing form for the upcoming NBA post-season.