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Report: Jahlil Okafor Requests Buyout From Sixers


It's no mystery that the relationship between Jahlil Okafor and the Philadeplhia 76ers is anything but solid.

Since being drafted in 2015, Jah has failed to live up to the hype surounding him.

While averaging 14 and 6 through three years in the league isn't bad, it certainly isn't All-Star worthy. To be blunt, he's been pretty "meh."

And, to be blunt, the Sixers aren't free of blame either. They practically threw Okafor in the doghouse to make room for Embiid, Saric, and other young stars on the rise. They never gave him the time or space to develop into the star a lot thought he would become.

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Now, the situation has finally reached a breaking point. After the Sixers denied the team option on Okafor's contract, Okafor requested a buyout from the team, according to Marc Stein.

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It seems that both sides are completely done.

The Bulls, Knicks, and Celtics have been named early contenders to sign the young Center. But if bought out, the decision will ultimately be his in Free-Agency.