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Report: J.R. Smith Attempted To Boycott Cavs Practice


While things have gotten better in Cleveland, the Cavs are far from being problem-free.

The latest issues with J.R. Smith is proof of that. According to ESPN's Alvaro Martin, J.R. attempted to boycott a Cavs practice after finding out Rodney Hood would be starting over him. In response, the team suspended Smith for a game, costing him at least $94,897.

While the news certainly doesn't spell disaster for the team, it can't be a good sign as to the nature of the locker room. J.R. has always been a diva, true, but to have these issues with Hood so early on in their time together just smells like bad news. And after their loss against the 76ers tonight, their trade-deadline honeymoon may be wearing off faster than they're realizing.

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