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Report: Isaiah Thomas "Hurt Emotionally" By Trade


It's no secret that Isaiah Thomas is one of the greatest "hustle" guy in the league. He will fight and claw and will his team to a win, no matter the cost. For the Celtics, he gave practically everything he could. He played through a broken tooth, he played through the mourning of losing his sister, and he played through all of the other hurdles life threw at him.

So when the Celtics announced they were trading him, it must've felt like a big slap in the face. After giving so much to a city, to a team, that he loved so much, it's no surprise to anyone that he's feeling a little more than betrayed.

In fact, the original Isiah Thomas (the Detroit Pistons legend) put the whole situation into perspective on NBA TV, when he described what feelings I.T. must be going through right now.

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Emotionally, he's hurt. Emotionally, he's wounded. Now from a basketball standpoint, he and Kyrie Irving, this'll be great for the both of them and they both will do well. But, you know, it really was a punch in the gut, because it came outta nowhere. Kyrie was expecting a trade, he was prepared for it, you know, and talkin' to Isiah the other night, now he's scrambling trying to find out where his kids are gonna go to school, trying to find a place to live. And it was just so unexpected for him.

Isiah also described how the the point guard gave his heart to Boston, and that it will be difficult to trust again.

We all know the NBA is a business. And as much as players try to remind themselves of that fact, it's not too uncommon for a guy to get really attached to the city and organization.

Reports do claim that the trade could be in jeopardy, so Isaiah may not be out of town just yet. Still, it's hard to imagine things between Boston and Isaiah will ever be the same again. Isaiah is feeling betrayed and hurt, he may never show that level of loyalty again. Things for the superstar point guard may never be the same again.

While it's true that time heals all wounds, it's the emotional damage that is often the most lethal.