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Report: Gordon Hayward Changed His Mind 4 Times In 4 Days

Credit: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

When news broke just moments ago about Gordon Hayward picking the Boston Celtics, the whole league was on its heels. According to sources close to Hayward's camp, however, it wasn't an easy decision.

With all the craziness that went on today, it's important to remember just how hard this choice can be for athletes. To get a grip on just how hard this decision was for Hayward, one insider claims that it was "the hardest decision of his life."

Since July 1st, its been reported that Gordon has changed his mind at least four times between the three teams.

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With Hayward finally choosing Boston, it will no doubt change the fate of the rest of the league. With such pressure on his shoulders, it could be why he struggled to finalize a choice.

How will Miami and Utah respond now that Hayward is gone? Will the Celtics be able to compete with the Cavaliers?

Either way, this was a monumental path for Hayward to take. And although he left decent situations in Utah and Miami, the Celtics are primed for a long playoff run. Obviously, this must have been a big factor in Gordon's ultimate decision. And now that he's finally announced the rest of the dominoes can fall.

It was a hard, long, and no doubt grueling process. But it's finally over, and we can all take a deep breath.

Gordon Hayward, welcome to Boston.