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Report: George Hill "Unhappy" After Kings Fail To Deliver On Promise


The Sacramento Kings aren't particularly well-known for dependability... among other things. Well apparently George Hill missed that memo, and it's coming back to bite him.

The summer of 2017 was a pretty decent one for Sacramento, compared to ones they've experienced in years past. They acquired Vince Carter, Zach Randolph, and George Hill to help mentor their young, growing core. All seemed well. But to lure those vets in, GM Scott Perry reportedly made a promise that the Kings would at least compete for a playoff spot this season.

Obviously, that promise is not falling through, and reports indicate that George Hill is not the least bit happy about it.

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It's unclear whether the rest of the team shares Hill's feelings, but it's not hard to guess that they're not too thrilled about their current situation either. At just 8-18, the Kings are nowhere near respectability, as they sit at 13th in the Western Conference. To make matters worse, nobody on the team has really stepped up. Youngsters aren't showing signs of emergence, vets aren't displaying their full potential, and the roster is just riddled with underwhelming performers.

These elements mixed together almost always equates to one thing in today's NBA: trade. There's no telling for who or when a deal would go down if one does indeed go down. But with the way things have been going, something is going to have to give, and it might just have to be George Hill himself.