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Report: Dwyane Wade Started Locker Room Drama For The Cavs, Not Isaiah Thomas


Even a week and a half removed from the massive trade deadline that saw the Cleveland Cavaliers ship off a large portion of their roster, and we're still hearing new details about the supposed in-fighting that was running rampant in the Cavs' locker room.

Most of the hostility was reportedly directed towards Kevin Love, with the players holding a team meeting where 'Isaiah Thomas led the charge' against Love for missing time with the flu.

But new information about the situation has only recently surfaced, and actually paints former Cavalier and LeBron James' best bud Dwyane Wade as the instigator.

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According to reports, after their loss to Oklahoma City back on January 20th, Wade was the one who was first to ask coach Lue why Love wasn't out there with them after he had left the game due to flu-like symptoms.

This later escalated to Wade confronting Love during the team meeting, where Kevin had to explain in front of everyone why he had left the game and the following training session.

If this is the case, it becomes a lot clearer why the Cavs decided to trade away Wade back to the Miami Heat. Even if it was out of the goodness of their hearts, there had to be some relief within the front office that they managed to trade away someone who was actively hurting team morale.

What makes things even worse is that LeBron James was also relieved that Wade was heading back to Miami, which speaks volumes about his behavior on the squad and behind closed doors.

Whatever the case, Koby Altman and the Cavaliers front office were lucky the Miami Heat wanted to have D-Wade come home.