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Report: Derrick Rose Will Decide Between Three Important Teams This Weekend


This disgraced former MVP has went from a perennial superstar, to a veteran minimum type of player. Once leading the Bulls in an amazing fashion, Derrick Rose now remains an unsigned Free Agent 50 days into Free Agency. As one of the last remaining decent guys left, a number of teams have been named front runners in the pursuit.

According to Sam Amick, Derrick Rose will likely make his decision this weekend between the Lakers, Cavs, and Bulls. Any one of those teams has a real chance.

On The Cavs, Rose would likely start in the backcourt with Kyrie. Being an automatic title contender, the Cavs would no doubt provide the best opportunity for Rose to win a ring. But for a guy who wants a big role, the Cavs may not have enough room for him. Not to mention that Cleveland would only be able to pay him a few million dollars.

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The Lakers, meanwhile, would be an intriguing choice. With Lonzo Ball the focal point for Los Angeles, where would Rose fit? Would he start, or come off the bench as a sixth man? So many questions, but at least one thing remains true: the Lakers have the glamor and lure of the big city that Derrick Rose seems to enjoy. With some additional roster moves, the Lakers may just have a big enough offer.

Finally, there's the Bulls. Rose has never been the same since he left Chicago. The home grown Chicago native no doubt would love to return to the city that truly made him. And for Bulls fans, it'd be a dream come true. DRose would almost surely start and would be given the opportunity to play a big role for the team. The only problem is that Chicago is in a mess right now. They aren't in a steady (or winning) situation right now, and that could throw D-Rose for a loop.


Three teams, one career altering choice. If he chooses wrong, he may never get his career back on track. If he gets it right though, it could revive his legacy. Before the weekend closes, we should have the answer.

But no doubt this is a decision the former MVP must take his time in making.