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Report: Cavs Were 'At Each Others' Throats' During Heated Team Meeting


As every day passes, it seems the Cleveland Cavaliers are slowly devolving into a shell of their former selves.

The Cavs have lost seven of their last 10 meetings and sit third in the Eastern Conference, only half a game up from the Miami Heat -- a team with zero All-Stars. Ever since the return of Isaiah Thomas, Cleveland's defensive worries have only worsened. Things are beginning to spiral out of control for the defending Eastern Conference champs.

Because of a multitude of issues, including the ones mentioned above, the Cavs held a team meeting earlier in the week, which was reportedly full of finger-pointing and players letting the rest of the team know their true feelings.

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Initial reports were that there were a few tense moments, but the team stayed relatively calm. But now, as more news has surfaced, it's become apparent that the meeting was much more confrontational, according to NBA insider Brian Windhorst.

Windhorst has been covering the Cavaliers' organization for numerous years, so his reports of said events during the meeting are trustworthy, to say the least. This is definitely not the news Cavs fans wanted to hear after the team meeting took place. Many were hoping that the squad would sort out their issues and come out better than when they went in, but it looks as though the complete opposite has happened.

The fact that players were at 'each other's throats' during the meeting is not a good sign, and it looks as though there needs to be some major changes if they want to return to prior form.

Whether that results in a coaching change -- shipping Ty Lue out for a better-equipped coach -- or a major move before the trade deadline to try and bring in another All-Star talent remains to be seen, but one thing's for certain, something needs to happen in Cleveland, otherwise LeBron James is as good as gone next season.