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Report: Cavs Traded Kyrie Irving Without Even Informing LeBron James About The Deal


Well, this is something you definitely shouldn't do to your franchise star when trading away the second best player on the team.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics were both thrown into turmoil last year during the offseason when Kyrie Irving was promptly traded to Boston after requesting a trade from the team that drafted him due to clashing with LeBron James and wanting to lead his own team for once.

According to The Athletic‘s Jason Lloyd however, James wasn't even informed that Kyrie had been traded until after the deal had been completed.

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Via HoopsHype:

"The [Kyrie Irving] deal was also completed without consulting James, one source with knowledge of the situation told The Athletic.

Altman called James when it was essentially done and informed him of what was happening. “It’s the best we can do,” Altman told James.

Twenty minutes later, the trade was leaked publicly, one source with knowledge of the situation told The Athletic. It had been negotiated entirely without James’ knowledge."

It's unfathomable that a front office wouldn't tell their best player in their history of a major move being made, especially involving the second best player on the team in a move that will completely reshape the roster for the upcoming season.

If the Cavaliers are -- for some reason -- trying to force LeBron out of Cleveland, they're doing a pretty good job of it this season.