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Report: Cavs Players "Grumbled" About LeBron James' Ball Movement


Looks like the greatest teammate of All-Time has some flaws after-all.

With the team crumbling after their latest loss against the Raptors, some players in the locker room have reportedly taken to "grumbling" about the way The King has been moving the ball recently, according to Joe Vardon of

The report indicates that LeBron James has been slowing down the team's ball movement to find a pass that earns him an assist. And while LeBron's recent claims about the team being "fragile" are probably true, it's hard not to pin some blame on the NBA's biggest leader.

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Dropping the ball in nearly every category, the Cavs are no doubt feeling some serious frustration as the season rolls on. The biggest question now lies in whether LeBron can take the hits, or if it will all become too much for him to bare.