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Report: Cavaliers Owner Is Sick Of LeBron And Wants Him Out Of Cleveland


Could we be getting a 2010 Cleveland situation all over again?

The drama coming out of Cleveland over the past couple of weeks have been nothing short of horrifying for Cavs' fans to witness, with seemingly the entire locker room and front office at each other's necks.

From the front office not communicating trades and moves to LeBron, to Isaiah Thomas calling out the rest of the team's effort on defense, the team is slowly crumbling as the season wears on, and recent reports aren't going to help front office-locker room relations.

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According to Stephen A. Smith on ESPN First Take, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has become sick of LeBron James' antics and requests to build a championship team and wants him gone from the team next season.

“I am of the mindset that Dan Gilbert needs to take control of the narrative,” Smith said. “Dan Gilbert and LeBron James don’t get along. They do what they’ve gotta do because it’s business. They don’t get along. They don’t particularly like each other. Dan Gilbert wanted him to re-up at the beginning of the year for three to five years. LeBron said no. That’s when Dan Gilbert traded and brought Isaiah Thomas and [Jae] Crowder."

It's been pretty common knowledge that Gilbert and James aren't the biggest fans of each other ever since LeBron left the team for Miami back in 2010, with Gilbert launching a scathing attack on LBJ via an open letter on the team's website, written in Comic Sans of all fonts.

"I doubt seriously that a big time move is going to be made by the Cavs [at the trade deadline], because I don’t think Dan Gilbert wants to start anew. My sources tell me, you’ve got some people in Cleveland and I have no doubt this is emanating from Dan Gilbert — I don’t know it for sure, but I have no doubt — this man wants LeBron James gone. He’s tired of being held hostage by him. He wants him up outta there.”

If Dan does, in fact, want LeBron out of Cleveland next season, he's doing a damn good job of it this year with his inability to pull an All-Star trade before the deadline.