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Report: Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert Wants To Sell The Team


This is getting a bit out of hand now.

With all the headlines the Cavs have been making recently (and with none of them being for the right reasons), one would think there's only so far this "collapse" can go. But now, after everything that has transpired, yet another bombshell drops on the struggling Cavaliers: Dan Gilbert wants to sell the team.

For one, the timing of his sudden desire to sell seems to indicate an impending doom for the Cavaliers. Remember, LeBron James is free to become a free-agent this summer, meaning he can walk away from the Cavs, yet again, if he so chooses. Without King James on the squad, their value dips dramatically, which could be one reason why Gilbert wants out.

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Secondly, the process of selling a franchise isn't always quick, easy, or clean, meaning it'd be yet another possible distraction to the roster, even if most Cavs fans would rather have Gilbert gone anyway.

Regardless of how you look at it, it sounds like nobody wants a piece of the Cavs right now. Despite them having the best player in the world, the ceiling is caving in for everyone involved, in ways not seen in a long, long time.