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Report: Cavaliers Expect Rose To Rejoin The Team


Hours ago, it was revealed that the 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose was "away from the team" contemplating retirement.

Reports claimed that the Cleveland point guard was tired of being injured, with his morale being at an all-time low. With many expecting to never see him on the court again, the NBA world has been thrown into chaos, as everyone waits for his next move.

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For the Cavs though, they don't seem to be giving it much thought. In their minds, he'll be ready to go in a matter of time. Tyronn Lue, in a pre-game talk with the media, expressed his gratitude to the star and pointed out that the team has no expectations to see him retire anytime soon:

"I don't have a time frame, you know I want him to take his time," Lue said. "Like I said, it's a personal matter. Just know the team, the coaches, the organization, we all have his back. I wish him well and we expect to have him back."

Nobody knows what Rose's future has in store. While he's had a rough couple of years dealing with injury after injury, it can't be easy to walk away from basketball at only 29 years old.

We'll update you as the story continues to develop in Cleveland...