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Report: Cavaliers "Denied" Isaiah Thomas' Comeback Attempt


The mid-summer trade for Isaiah Thomas left cavs fans salivating at the thought of seeing the All-Star point guard in a Cleveland jersey.

When it was found out that his hip injury would require some serious rehab, though, those desires wound up having to wait a few more months. Well, it's almost January now, and many folks are expecting his imminent return. The good news is that Thomas looks pretty healthy, and is probably due to come back very soon.

The somber news, however, is that I.T. must not be fully ready, as the Cavs denied his attempts to return to action on Wednesday's matchup against the Kings (per Joe Vardon of For whatever reason, the team decided that January 3rd was just too soon to have him back. It is unknown when they think the appropriate date will come.

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With the Cavaliers finally hitting their stride after a rough few weeks, now appears to be the ideal time for the point guard's comeback. Averaging over 28 points per game in last season's campaign, he can take the team to new heights this year, further tightening their hold on the East.

Even so, it sounds like the Cavs are taking it safe this go-round, by choosing to wait until they're sure the emphatic superstar guard is ready to play.