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Report: Cavaliers Actually Traded Wade Back To Miami Due To Tension In The Locker Room



The dysfunction in the Cleveland Cavaliers' locker room this season has been one of the most talked about story this year in the NBA, with their firesale at the trade deadline earlier this week proving to be the cherry on top of the entire saga -- so far at least.

The Cavs have seemed to trade away some of their biggest problems during the deadline, including Isaiah Thomas, who was atrocious on the defensive end and was apparently causing conflict in the locker room, directed at Kevin Love of all people, as well as Derrick Rose, who many used as an example of an undedicated teammate due to his long absence at the start of the season.

Cleveland also traded Dwyane Wade back to Miami, where it all began for the shooting guard, in a gesture of goodwill for the future Hall of Famer, only asking for a second-round pick in return. But according to reports, there's more to the trade than just helping out one of LeBron's friends.

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According to coach Lue, Wade was actually one of the biggest antagonizers when it came to the locker room drama.

Regarding what, we have no idea. Maybe Wade was unhappy coming off the bench for J.R. Smith? Maybe he was unhappy playing in Cleveland all together and just wanted to go back to Miami? Who knows what would've caused Wade to be unhelpful to Cleveland's chemistry, but if reports are to be believed, the shooting guard was one of the biggest offenders.