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Report: Carmelo Close To Accepting A Deal To Portland


Things with Carmelo Anthony have gotten weird.

At first, it seemed the Knicks would trade him quickly and cleanly. Both sides were 100% done.

Instead, all we got was a lot of drama. Rumors flew rampant about possible destinations for Melo, and questions were being raised as to why he wanted out.

With the regular season starting next month, nobody was expecting Carmelo to still be a Knick. Houston was going the front-runner to snag him, and most thought he'd have been there a while ago by now.

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But only did that not happen, but all Melo related trade news almost came to a full hault.

Reports indicated that the one team he would waive his no-trade-clause for (the Houston Rockets), was having trouble finding a package the Knicks would take. With that news, and with the season fastly approaching, it seems Carmelo may be open to going elsewhere.

Via Jason McInyre from Fox Sports Radio, Carmelo's people are going to give Houston one last run before Melo accepts a deal to the Traiblazers.

If you remember, this isn't the first time the Blazers have been connected to Anthony's services. A few weeks ago, the team and its stars expressed interest in having Melo play for the team. They joined the sweepstakes but were considered longshots... until now.

Because of the stalled talks between Houston and New York, Portland has become quick favorites to land the All-Star forward.

A Melo/Lillard/McCollum trio won't be the best, but could it be good enough to make some real noise?