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Report: Carmelo Anthony Trade To The Celtics Becoming A Reality

Report: Carmelo Anthony Trade To The Celtics Becoming A Reality

It was an ugly year for Carmelo Anthony, he was getting beat up from every angle. The fans started booing him, Phil Jackson and he were not seeing eye to eye, the Knicks were a disaster and now most recent the separation from his wife LaLa after impregnating what has now been confirmed to be a coed from Chicago and not a "stripper". The recent scandal was to be kept secret, but a close friend came to clear up the name and set the record straight on the false report that Melo got a stripper pregnant. A horrible turn of events indeed.

Many of us, were surprised with the lack of moves before the trade deadline by the Celtics. Although they did well for themselves during the regular season, as they ended up with the best record in the East, now in the playoffs they are on the brink of elimination by the 8th seeded Bulls down 0-2. Apparently, the coaching staff was in favor with trading for Melo prior to the deadline, but Danny Ainge (GM) was concerned with the cap space Melo's contract would take up and would leave little to no room for the 2017 free agents.

According to multiple sources the Celtics will be seriously engaged in a trade of Melo for Jae Crowder it's uncertain if the Knicks will receive a pick or if other variables will be included, but what is certain Melo's time in New York is up. He does have that "no trade clause", but a fresh start is something he really needs and the trade makes sense for both parties. Melo is high scoring 20-22 PPG and 4th quarter threat which is all on I.T. right now while Jae Crowder (26) will be an excellent fit with Kristaps, big, very crafty, speedy and spreads the floor very well with his range.

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The trade was presented to Phil Jackson back in 2014, but at the time he was more interested in picking up Tyson Chandler. If they were to make a trade, Phil should at least push for one of the first round picks Celtics have coming.