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Reggie Miller Goes In On LaVar Ball And Thinks Lonzo Ball Should Be Traded

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LaVar Ball may be one of the most polarizing figures in sports today.

That title has been associated with any NBA athletes, such as LeBron James when he joined the Miami Heat back in 2010, and Kevin Durant when he signed with the 73-9 Golden State Warriors back in 2016. But those two don't even come close to the love/hate/love to hate relationship NBA fans have with Lonzo Ball's father.

LaVar has had his fair share of things to say, about anything really -- Donald Trump, the NCAA, Chino Hills high school, Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, you name it -- if it gave LaVar exposure, he talked about it, more often than not gaining more haters than followers in the process.

But recently, LaVar may have gone a bit too far with his comments about his son's coach Luke Walton, drawing the ire of many NBA personalities, including Pacers legend Reggie Miller.

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Miller went off at LaVar in a recent interview with the Dan Patrick Show, even going in on Lakers president Magic Johnson on the way he's handled LaVar's mouth.

“I don’t like giving him a platform,” Miller said to Patrick “But he’s made it impossible not to do so,"

“I hope he’s enjoying his European vacation, and his sons are enjoying playing over in Lithuania, because those two, in my opinion, have no shot at playing in the NBA,” Miller said. “And if he continues to open his mouth, all three of those boys are going to be playing overseas."

Wow. Pretty harsh words from the three-point king.

Miller even suggested that Magic should tradeLonzo Ball to get LaVar to shut up.

“This is a time for Magic Johnson, the greatest Laker, in my opinion, of all-time, and now has taken the helm back … this is a chance for Magic Johnson to absolutely put his foot down and put an end to this,” he said. “He could really destroy LaVar if he really wanted to. I would go close to almost threatening, ‘If you keep opening your mouth … we are going to trade your son from the Lakers,'”

“It’s one of two things — ‘Shut up, fall in line, let (coach) Luke (Walton) do what he wants to do and let Lonzo play how he wants to play, or we’ll start taking calls.’

“Magic Johnson has to say that.”

I'm fairly certain the Lakers aren't going to trade their prized rookie because his dad is a hindrance to the team, but you never know, crazier things have happened in the NBA.