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Rajon Rondo Doesn't Think Celtics Should Honor Isaiah Thomas

isaiah thomas rajon rondo

While a member of the Boston Celtics, point guard Isaiah Thomas achieved more than anyone thought was possible for as 5'9 player in the NBA.

Thomas, who was acquired by the Celtics after a trade with the Phoenix Suns back in 2015, was named a two-time All-Star in his three years with Boston and led the team to the first seed in the East last season alongside Al Horford.

Since then, however, Thomas was involved in the trade that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston, with IT landing in Cleveland. Being good sports, the Celtics organization offered to honor Thomas' time with his former team -- Thomas played in the playoffs for the Celtics a mere day after the tragic death of his sister -- with a special video package the next time the Cavs were in Boston.

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Thomas and the Celtics received a bit of backlash, as that date would have coincided with the retirement of Paul Pierce's #34 jersey, something Pierce himself wasn't too pleased with. But now a former teammate of PP, Rajon Rondo, has come forward to offer his displeasure at Thomas getting honored when he returns.

Rondo apparently doesn't think Thomas deserves any sort of recognition for his time with the Celtics, as while IT was on the team, Boston only managed to reach the conference finals in his final year.

While in Boston himself, Rondo was named to four All-Star games and won one championship back in 2008 with the team, and was also given a video tribute after his trade to the Dallas Mavericks, so it may just come down to Rajon feeling as though there should be a higher bar for players to jump over before they're honored by the Celtics organization.