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Phil Jackson Says Carmelo Would Be Better Off Somewhere Else, Anthony Responds In Hilarious Way


Carmelo Anthony is one of the most talked about Stars to play in the NBA in the past decade or so.

Fans around the world adore the 6'8" small forward from New York but it seems that his time playing as a New York Knick is coming to an end, especially after Knicks Team President - Phil Jackson's latest comments.

Jackson has signalled to the NBA world that it's time for Melo to accept a trade offer that would see him leave New York over the Summer.

Phil Jackson has said he made it 'clear' to Carmelo Anthony that he should leave New York in the Summer and opt for a move elsewhere in the NBA.

Anthony who has a no-trade clause in his contract, is still signed up for a further two years with the Knicks franchise but it's looking more and more likely that we will see Melo leave New York during the offseason.

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“We’ve not been able to win with him on the court at this time. I think the direction with our team is that he would be better somewhere else,” Jackson said on Friday at an end-of-season press conference. “Something that would benefit us going forward, a young, developing team.”

Jackson said that his attempts to trade Melo in February weren't successful. It was thought that we would see Melo make a move to Boston, Los Angeles (Clippers) or Cleveland but none of these deals ended up being successful.

Jackson also said, “In our talks this time, we talked about how we are going to go about what we have to do, We are going to take into account his situation. This is not a situation where we are going to dump you, but we’re looking to improve ourselves.” Phil also said that his 'partnership' with Anthony had failed, stating that things just didn't 'click' between them.

Melo, though, did not stay quiet. April 14, he posted a picture on his Instagram, that seemingly throws some major shade at Phil Jackson, with a caption reading "REALLY." It seems like this mini-feud has come to an All-Time high.

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It is most likely that we will see Carmelo Anthony be traded in the offseason, so let's hope Melo can get his career back on track with a new franchise before he loses his chance to win a ring.

Article by Jack Harte.


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