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Paul George Says Westbrook's Extension "Absolutely" Factors Into His Decision Next Summer


Laker fans, look away now!

When Paul George told the Pacers he wanted out, it was also very clear that he wanted to play in Los Angeles. The lure to resurrect the Lakers was something that really appealed to the All-Star forward.

Rather than becoming a Laker, though, Paul George ended up in OKC, as L.A. decided to wait until next summer for the star.

They make come they may come to regret that decision.

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Not only have the Thunder built a good roster, but they've also managed to lock up one of their stars for the future.

Paul George admitted to Royce Young that Russell Westbrook's contract extension "absolutely" affects his decision next summer. In fact, he said it'll make things "easier."

There's no telling what will happen in a year. Situations always change, and players can always change their minds.

But as of right now, it sounds like Paul George doesn't have any plans to leave OKC. If the team does well, he may elect to stay in town.

With Russ already locked up long-term, the Thunder will still have to convince PG and Melo to stay in town to keep this team intact. No doubt, Russ' extension increases that likelihood ten-fold.