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Paul George Reportedly Expecting 2nd Child With Same Woman He Tried To Pay To Not Have His Child


Well here we go again.

Not only is Pacers star forward Paul George at the forefront of trade rumors this summer, with many experts, myself included, expecting PG to land in LA next season, he has now made headlines again for off the court drama regarding the woman in his life.

According to sources, George is having another child with the woman that he reportedly tried to pay off regarding the first child between the two.

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Now, I say 'Well here we go again', because WHY WOULD YOU HAVE A SECOND CHILD WITH THE WOMAN YOU TRIED TO PAY OFF TO STOP HER HAVING THE FIRST CHILD YOU MADE TOGETHER. George got Instagram model and former stripper Daniela Rajic pregnant in late 2014, and literally tried to pay her $1 million to not have the baby. Fortunately, she didn't accept the offer and gave birth to their first child.

Can you see the resemblance?

Fast-forward to 2017, and PG has reportedly gotten Rajic pregnant again.

I'm pleading to god that George actually embraces the life of this second child and wants Rajic to give birth to it, but considering everything that has happened in the past between these two, who knows how this will play out.

Here's to wishing Paul George, Daniela Rajic and their two children a happy outcome in all of this. Who knows? Maybe the baby turns out to be a boy, and we'll have a PG-13 Jr. getting drafted into the NBA in the next 20 years.