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Paul George May Have Just Hinted About His Free Agency Plans Next Summer


Other than LeBron James, Paul George may be the most interesting free agent prospect heading into the 2018-19 NBA offseason.

After informing the Indiana Pacers front office that he would indeed be testing free agency once his contract was up, the Pacers promptly traded him away to avoid losing him for nought, shipping him off to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis -- a move which has panned out pretty well for Indiana.

Many thought that OKC was deluded, trading for a one-year rental player while giving up two young pieces of their roster, as PG13 has made it clear on numerous occasions he longs to play in his hometown of Los Angeles for the purple and gold.

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Still, the Thunder -- after adding Carmelo Anthony to the mix alongside George and Russell Westbrook -- had one season to try and convince PG to stay in OKC long-term, and after a surge in the middle of the season, Oklahoma City may very well be on their way to retaining George's services.

"Russ is the reason why this decision is becoming even more easier to make, is the character Russ [has]," George said on Wednesday. "A stand-up guy, and he has his teammate's back."

After all the rumors at the start of the season during OKC's disappointing opening to the season that Westbrook was a detriment to his teammate's production, it seems it's actually the complete opposite, and Westbrook may be playing the biggest role in keeping George in Oklahoma City.

Obviously, the Lakers are going to try their hand at signing George with the massive amount of cap room they're set to have this summer, as well as a few other franchises that probably have next to no chance signing PG, but if OKC can continue their winning ways -- they're currently on a 5-game winning streak -- Paul George may be more than happy to reup in OKC.