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Paul George Finally Admits He Wants To Play For The Lakers


Since the start of the Paul George trade rumors a year ago, once destination has always led the charge: Los Angeles.

Countless sources claimed that PG was "deadset" on going to play for the Lakers, with NBA GMs firmly believing he'd go there the first chance he got.

Even after he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, while the talks died down, the Lakers always remained at the forefront of his future. And with the Thunder having a remarkably underwhelming season, all indications future landing spots are pointing at the Purple and Gold.

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At this point, even PG himself has given up on trying to hide that fact. In a recent chat with the media, PG talks pretty nonchalantly about the Lakers, even saying he has "no regrets" about letting the rumors rip that he wants to play there. Have a listen:

If you're an OKC fan, this video has to be unsettling for you. The way he talks about L.A. being his "home," the way he freely goes on about the topic? It's almost like he's already halfway there.