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Paul George Again Hints At A Move To The Lakers This Offseason With His Latest Comments


Paul George's future has been up in the air ever since he was traded from the Indiana Pacers during this past offseason, as he informed the front office he would definitely be testing free agency this coming offseason if the Pacers decided to hold onto him for one more year.

George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder to join reigning MVP Russell Westbrook, and was later joined by Carmelo Anthony to form a formidable Big 3 in OKC. After a disappointing start to the season, the team has finally began to click, even managing to defeat the Golden State Warriors this past week without Melo playing.

Despite their recent successes however, Paul George is apparently still keeping his options open after the season ends, and isn't ruling anything out.

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If you're an OKC fan, these comments don't really instill confidence that PG13 will be resigning with the team this coming summer.

George has been questioned about his free agency plans every week of the season thus far almost, and with every week that passes, his answers to the same questions change. He'll go from "I love it here in OKC, the team is really tight and I love being apart of this team," to "I'm happy here...but I don't want people looking at this and saying (he's definitely re-signing). I don't know if I'm going to LA."

It's obvious that Paul George is longing to make a move to Los Angeles despite excellent play from Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony this season, and it's looking like anything less than a Western Conference Finals appearance this postseason will stamp George's ticket to LA.