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Only One Current Player Can Break Lonzo's Triple-Double Record


Last night, Lonzo Ball made NBA History by becoming the youngest player to ever record a triple-double.

His performance in Milwaukke was truly an awesome feat, as few ever rack up those kinds of numbers in their first season.

But Lonzo's recent performance has us thinking; is anyone else in the NB still eligible to do it this season? The question revealed only a single player: Dennis Smith Jr.

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He has 28 days to supplant Lonzo Ball as the youngest to ever tally a triple-double, turning 20 years old on November 25th.

Whether or not he'll actually do it is still very much up-in-the-air, but if any player is capable, it's Smith Jr. Selected with the 9th pick in this year's NBA draft, the Dallas point guard has earned quite a bit of attention for his flashes of brilliance on the court.

Averaging 14.8 PPG on 41% shooting, DSJ has certainly impressed. He even got the attention of LeBron James recently, when he hammered the Knicks for not taking him over Ntilkina. Obviously, passing Lonzo in the record books is not the most important part of this season, and it shouldn't be.

But it would no doubt be a nice bonus to what has already been a fantastic year.