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One Of Lonzo Ball's Newest Teammates Just Called His Jumper 'Ugly As Hell'


Lonzo Ball hasn't even completed the rookie season of his NBA career, yet has probably heard every insult under the sun regarding his unorthodox jump shot form.

Ball's atrocious shooting numbers early on this season hasn't helped his cause, and Twitter has been relentless all year, making sure Lonzo knows that his shooting form is 1. not good to look at, and 2. not reliable, up until recently.

Thankfully for Laker fans, Zo's shooting woes have improved as of late, with Lonzo recently shooting 100% from the field and the free throw line in a victory over the Atlanta Hawks where Ball scored 13 points.

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But according to Los Angeles' newest acquisition, point guard Isaiah Thomas, Lonzo's shooting stroke is quote "ugly as hell."

"It's ugly as hell. It's an ugly shot,"

Obviously, Thomas didn't just insult Ball's shooting form for the sake of it, and actually offered Lonzo some advice for his shot: If it's working, ignore the haters and don't change a thing.

 "...but he's been successful with it his whole life, so you get to the highest level, there is no need to change it.

"You just got to figure out ways to continue to make it better. He is a gym rat, so he is going to continue to get better no matter what and no matter how it looks."

With the experience IT has had in the NBA throughout his career, especially when it comes to overcoming adversity, it'd be in Lonzo's best interests to take Thomas' advice to heart and keep working on his craft, even if it is a little uneasy on the eye.