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Official: Cavs And Celtics Finalize Trade Deal


Since Kyrie Irving announced his desire for a trade in July, its been wild for the entire league. Rumors and scandals of Irving's trade request went viral, and it becma ethe hottest story of the summer.

When he was finally traded to the Celtics a week ago, most assumed that it was the end of the entire saga. Obviously, though, the whole situation was far from over.

When the Cavaliers reviewed Isaiah Thomas, they found that he was not as healthy as he'd originally thought. The trade stalled, and danger of voiding the deal became a real possibility.

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But with this latest report out of Boston, the trade has finally been made official. To compensate the Cavs for Thomas' injury, Boston threw in a 2020 second round draft pick. So, Boston fans, Celtic fans, it's time to say goodbye to your departing stars.

And for the other teams trying to acquire Kyrie, the time has come to officially move on.

After a dramatic, seeemingly never-ending story, tis Kyrie Irving trade drama has finally come to an end.