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Oddsmakers In Vegas Think The 2017 Warriors Are Better Than The 1996 Bulls


The 1996 Chicago Bulls were as close to unbeatable as it could get. 72-10 regular season matched with an NBA Championship lead by the Greatest player to ever play the game, that team (and that season) are considered to be one of the best All-Time.


But according to Oddsmakers in Vegas, they wouldn't beat the 2017 Golden State Warriors. In a conversation with ESPN's Ben Fawes, four out of six Las Vegas oddsmakers considered the Warriors over the 1996 Bulls.

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Las Vegas SuperBook manager, Jeff Sherman, had this to say:

"It's a different era now, and today's game is played at a pace unlike in the 1990s. Players are bigger, faster and stronger than back then."

These opinions by the oddsmakers serve to prove that the NBA Culture is changing. People are starting to let go of Michael Jordan and his Bulls' teams, and are beginning to recognize just how special the 2017 Warriors have become.

In the wake of an undefeated Post-season, and being up 2-0 in the NBA Finals, the Warriors are beginning to catch the trail left behind by Michael Jordan himself.

If the Warriors go on to sweep the Cavaliers this year, should they be considered better than the 1996 Bulls?