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Nobody Knows What To Think About Kevin Love's Latest Comments About The Cavaliers


In a recent talk with NBC Sports analyst Kurt Helin, Kevin Love said (more like almost said) some comment regarding the changes to the Cavs, and it raised more than a few eyebrows. Here's the quote:

“Just clearing out… I shouldn’t say that just getting new faces and getting new energy in the locker room has been big for us,” Love told NBC Sports on Saturday. “Even in the last two games, you can just see the energy is different, you can see guys are really competing on both ends of the floor, and that bodes well for us the second half of the season.”

The answer is reasonable enough... but what exactly was Love going to say before he stopped himself? Judging by what we know, and the recent developments in that Cleveland locker room, it doesn't seem too presumptuous to think that he was about to hint at his distaste for the Cavs' old roster, before ultimately deciding to change up his words.

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It's no secret that Love was called out by several teammates (I.T. and Dwyane Wade mostly) on the legitimacy of his departure from an early season game in which the Cavs were suffering from a humiliating defeat early. That, coupled with numerous other signs of grief from all sides, just equate to some serious bad blood between Love and some of his old teammates this season.

Of course, we'll never know for sure just how deep the blood boils here, or how things got that bad. But if anyone is happy to be surrounded by new guys right now, in a fresh situation on the team he won a Chip with, it's got to be Kevin Love.