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Nick Young Has A Surprising Answer When Asked To Name The Warriors' Best Shooter


A lot more attention is on Swaggy P now since joining the Warriors, and with Young finally joining a contending team in what feels like the first time in his career, many people have brought up just how valuable Young is as a player.

Sure, he's an above-average shooter, and raised his defensive game considerably last year with the Lakers, but that's about it, and that won't really cut it when playing for the Warriors.

That's why Nick Young is doing everything he can to get some more minutes off the bench. Even going as far as sucking up to coach Kerr.

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As you can see from the tweets above, Young isn't hiding his love for his coach, ranking him above the two best shooters in the league right now, and among some of the best ever, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

With a team consisting of Curry, Thompson, Kevin Durant, and even Nick Young himself, it's a wonder he chose Steve Kerr out of all of them.

It is worth mentioning that Kerr holds the record for highest career three-point percentage with 45.4%, so Young's decision is justified.

I'm just amazed Swaggy P didn't choose himself, we all know how confident he can be.