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Newest Cavs Star Has Reportedly Taken Over Kyrie's Old Locker


It's never a nice feeling when you have to leave a place you've worked at for a long period of time, especially when you get outright replaced. Is that the case for Kyrie Irving? Who knows, but he's definitely been replaced, and in more ways than one.

Irving was referred to as LeBron James' 'number 2' and 'sidekick' many times during their three-year tenure together in Cleveland, and constantly playing in LeBron's shadow took it's toll on Kyrie, who has now moved to the Boston.

Not only did the Cavs find a suitable replacement for the point guard slot in the form of Isaiah Thomas, they also managed to snag both Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, who can also run the point. On top of this, one Kyrie's replacements has also moved into the Duke product's locker.

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LeBron's best buddy, and former sidekickl in Miami, Dwyane Wade has taken control of Irving's old locker.

Now, it's not like the Cavs would just leave Kyrie's old locker empty, someone obviously needed to replace it. But why Wade and not the player who was involved in the Irving deal, Isaiah Thomas? It has to be some sort of shot at the former point guard, right?

Maybe we're looking for drama where there isn't any, but coincidence or not, it's pretty funny how that locker is now technically 'LeBron's sidekick locker.'