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NBA TV Reporter Makes Sexual Reference During Game, Is Unable To Save Herself


Being a reporter during a live broadcast can be very nerve-racking, and sometimes the nerves get the better of people, just ask NBA TV reporter Kristen Ledlow.

During the broadcast of the Washington Wizards and Minnesota Timberwolves Summer League game, Marcus Keene, a 5'9 guard out of Central Michigan, surprised many viewers with a 12-point performance despite his small frame. This scoring outburst for someone so small grabbed the attention of Ledlow, who was commentating on the sidelines.

"If Isaiah Thomas among many others has taught us anything, it's that size truly does not... that's going in a poor direction."

She may have caught her words, but it was definitely too late.

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Maybe if she had continued with "size doesn't matter", people probably wouldn't have even noticed the dirty side to the saying.

However, she realized what she was saying and tried to save herself, and we all knew she was making a reference to a man's package.

She even acknowledged the mistake on Twitter.

You'll live and you'll learn Kristen, don't stress about it.