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NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Love Is Staying In Cleveland


Even during the early days of Kevin Love's time in Cleveland, trade rumors were flying about potential deals for his services.

"The Cavs can't use him," they said, "He's not a true star," they claimed. Ever since he first arrived, Kevin Love has received heat from all corners of the NBA.

Currently, things look like they are about to change. Zach Lowe of ESPN reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers have no plans to trade Kevin Love, and he'll be staying in town.

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That news comes as a surprise, considering their willingness to trade him before the deadline ended. But with Kyrie Irving in Boston, and nobody wanting to take Love off their hands, it looks like keeping him is the Cavs' best option.

Coming off a 19 point, 11 rebound season, K-Love has proven he can still play. Playing without Kyrie may allow the big man to step into a bigger role and become the star he was in Minnesota.

Things have taken an interesting twist since the dawn of the "Big Three" era. Rather than being the team's afterthought, Kevin Love is now one Cleveland's most vital players.