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NBA Stars Coming Together In Wake Of Vegas Massacre


With the amount of controversy and division the United States has faced recently has been absolutely heartbreaking, to say the least. Many would say these are troubled times for the country, as tragedies seem to be striking at every corner.

Sadly, that notion was made prevalent on Sunday night, when an open gun-man opened fire at the Vegas Music Festival, killing over 50 people, and wounding more than 500 others. In times like these, it is not uncommon for celebrities or sports figures to spread words of encouragement and wellness on the victims of the tragedy.

And, in this case, it is no different. The NBA and the rest of the sports world are showing significant support in the wake of the terrible incident.

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Often times, the public is quick to frown upon sports leagues getting involved or speaking about something other than sports. But for occurrences such as these, the value of these sports stars using their platform to show support is an overwhelming positive.