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NBA Rumors: Top 5 Best Destinations For Richard Jefferson

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

A new NBA season is around the corner and every team is trying to assemble a competitive squad in order to have good results this campaign. One of the most active teams in this regards has been the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have staged in some of the best and more dramatic movements during the offseason.

More recently there have been plenty of talks about the future of one of their veterans, Richard Jefferson. Jefferson has had an important role with the Cavs thanks to his experience and the skills he still got. However, everything must come to an end and Jefferson surely knows it.

These last days have been crazy for the small forward before the beginning of the season, and here are the five best destinations for Jefferson to play this year entering what could be the final campaign of his career.

5. Milwaukee Bucks

Jason Kidd and his team would receive Jefferson with open arms knowing the career of the player. Jefferson is athletic; he has the knowledge and the experience of 16 years of career and will surely add depth to the Bucks’ bench.

Jefferson can be a second coach for the team, giving advice for his teammates and being important if the game gives him the chance. Besides, he makes the most out of his explosiveness and athleticism, so his style of play definitely suits the likes of one of the most athletic teams in the Association.

4. San Antonio Spurs

Richard Jefferson to San Antonio would be clutch, no doubt about it. Gregg Popovich enjoys having a player with the level and the experience of R.J., as well as his brains, considering he’s a proven veteran that won’t fall down to the pressure.

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This could be a great addition to the second unit of the Spurs and who knows, he has demonstrated that he can respond every time the team needs him. This can be a really interesting move for both San Antonio and Jefferson.

3. Golden State Warriors

Ok, now imagine how the Warriors would look with Curry, Thompson, Jefferson and Durant shooting 3-pointers every night: a nightmare for the rivals. Going to the Bay would significant a real chance for Jefferson to win another ring and end his career the best possible way.

Plus, the revenge on the Cavs for drafting him would be completed if he and his team manage to win the Larry O’Brien, considering they didn’t hesitate to part ways with him despite all his good efforts this last couple of campaigns.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

With the Thunder, his playing time could be either increased or decreased, as he will be a bench player, replacing Paul George every time the former Indiana Pacers small forward need to rest –which doesn’t happen that often-, but if Billy Donovan finds a way to use Jefferson in a proper way, this could end up being one another great move for the franchise.

Besides, the only replacement they have for PG is Kyle Singler, who isn’t exactly the best player ever, and with Carmelo Anthony racking up most minutes at the 4 and with how shorthanded the Thunder are right now, he’d be a prime addition.

1. Portland Trail Blazers

Jefferson could land in another team with chances to reach the playoffs, the Portland Trail Blazers. They need the depth that R.J. can offer them and the experience and knowledge that he has accumulated over his years of successful career.

He would be part of a young and exciting team that can help him thrive one more time when the time comes. Portland is improving his game and having Jefferson would be another advantage for them, and he wouldn’t have much competition besides Al-Farouq Aminu at the 3 in RIP City.