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NBA Rumors: Damian Lillard Wants A Superstar In Portland

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It’s never enough to be the lone guy on your team with the talent and skillset that’s big enough to actually lead the squad to title contention, as even Michael Jordan had help from guys like Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Toni Kukoc and Horace Grant in his Championships runs, while Magic had Kareem, Bird had Ainge and so it goes.

Nowadays, a one-two punch isn’t enough either, so the Shaq-Kobe's type of dynasties are a thing of the past, with everybody keen to team up and play alongside the most talented players in the world in order to win an NBA Championship.

And that’s exactly what seems to be happening in the Portland Trail Blazers being led by Damian Lillard with absolutely no more help than all the buckets and crafty moves he gets out of CJ McCollum.

Even though the Blazers finally landed the rim protector they so desperately needed in Jusuf Nurkic, it’s pretty clear to see that this team’s still missing a lot of juice if they intend to compete in the fierce Western Conference and that they should actually be tanking instead of trying to become title contenders.

Still, you just can’t mention the ‘T’ word to Damian Lillard, a guy that’s determined to win as a member of the Blazers and has absolutely no interest in leaving the team to pursue his Championship, as he’s constantly stated over social media.

So, apparently Dame is keen to lure some All-Star caliber talent to the Moda Center, and when asked via twitter who’d be the guy he’d chase to lead the Portland Trail Blazers alongside him, he didn’t hesitate to state that he’d love to play alongside Anthony Davis, a guy that’s had some struggles of his own.

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Anthony Davis is an MVP caliber type of player and perhaps a top 10 player in this league, and he’s constantly remarked that he’s tired of losing on a New Orleans Pelicans franchise that has done little to surround him with other talented players.

And considering that the New Orleans Pelicans might as well have another subpar season this year, the Kentucky product could be quite tempted to leave the team and join forces with other talented players, with the Portland Trail Blazers being a very interesting suitor for his services.

Of course, pulling off a trade to land the All-Star big man would be extremely hard for a team like Portland, that doesn’t have enough attractive assets other than CJ McCollum and Lillard itself, so they’re going to need some help from other franchises in order to make a run at the Brow.

First, the Blazers would have to hope the Pelicans have yet another mediocre season and DeMarcus Cousins gets desperate and try to force his way out of the team, and/or Jrue Holiday getting hurt once again to show Davis that he needs to get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

Then, they would have to offer Evan Turner, Jusuf Nurkic, at least a couple of 1st rounders and even if they would hate the idea of breaking that explosive backcourt of Lillard and CJ, they would also have to part ways with the ladder to make the Pelicans even consider sending Davis to Portland.

Davis - Lillard duo would still lack a third player that could lead them to contention, but there’s absolutely no doubt that they would have a significant boost and would need just a couple of 3 and D guys like Iman Shumpert and JR Smith to become title contenders and even match up quite well against the Golden State Warriors.

Of course, it’s just mere speculation at this point and we’ll just have to wait and see how this history winds up, but you just can’t deny that they would be one of the most thrilling duos the NBA has seen through history, and they both deserve to be NBA Champions after constantly carrying their squad.