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NBA Rumor Mill: One Reason Why Dallas Isn't Too Keen On Nerlens Noel


The Dallas Mavericks have themselves a bit of an issue when it comes to their young center, Nerlens Noel. After signing him to a new contract in August, the Mavs were expecting the youngster to show some signs of progress before they signed him to any lucrative, long-term deal.

While the talent may still be there for Noel, his work ethic could apparently use some work. Newy Scruggs for The Dallas Morning News revealed that the Mavericks are holding off on giving Noel a big role completely until he fixes that very serious issue.

"My sources tell me that Nerlens Noel is not known as a hard worker. -- I’m told he doesn’t have a sense of hard play and that’s not going to fly with a head coach like Rick Carlisle who had to cut his teeth as a NBA player.

Until Noel shows a better work ethic, other players will get minutes."

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Unfortunately for Nerlens, news of his supposed bad work ethic doesn't just affect his relationship with the Mavericks. Likely, other teams will be put off by these reports and might be less willing to offer him a significant contract as a result.

As the season drags on, and the trade deadline draws closer, we should all keep an eye on the Noel, Mavs situation. But even if he doesn't get traded before February, he's very unlikely to remain with the team past April.

The bigger question now lies in what team would be willing to take another chance on him, after all the scrutiny he's gotten over the years.