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NBA Insider Reports That LeBron Is 'Definitely' Leaving For The Lakers Next Summer


After the circus that was the 2017 NBA offseason, with insane moves such as Jimmy Butler being traded to the Timberwolves and Kyrie Irving forcing his way to Boston, now coming to a close, many analyst's attentions are focused on the summer of 2018 before the beginning of the regular season in a few short weeks.

With LeBron headlining the free agency class of 2018, that can only mean one thing. Speculation, and a lot of it. Various reports have been published over the past few months describing just how worried the Cavaliers organization is that they'll lose LeBron's services in about a year's time.

Many NBA insiders believe, despite the roster moves the Cavs have made this year, that James is as good as gone next season, having already made up his mind. But where do these insiders predict King James landing? According to former New York Post writer Peter Vecsey, James is 'Definitively' leaving the Cavaliers for the Lakers in 2018:

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"I’m publicly terminating the pandemic of speculation surrounding LeBron James’ playing plans past this season," wrote Vecsey. "For months, many in the media declared or composed presumption the Lakers would be the beneficiaries of his talents when he became a free agent July 1, 2018. I’m eradicating all conjecture and uncertainty! I’m comfortable now in stating unequivocally, LeBron will leave the Cavaliers a second time and join the Lakers, and return the team to LA Lore status."

Now, we've heard enough NBA reports that are filled with confidence that have never materialized in the past, so it's only fair we take this prediction with a grain of salt, much like the rest of the NBA media world is doing:

This seems to only be the beginning of the media circus that will be surrounding LeBron and his decision in a year's time, so you better prepare for multiple rumors like this one over the course of next season.