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NBA Insider Guarantees LeBron James Will Be Leaving Cleveland Next Summer


The August-September period is usually the slowest and more boring period of the NBA calendar year, as absolutely nothing is happening apart from pure speculation regarding player movement. Free agency is over, Summer League is over, and everyone is waiting patiently for the NBA regular season to kick off.

It's gotten so bad this year, that NBA reporters are now getting into drama with each other over conflicting reports. Wow.

It started on Wednesday, when Chris Sheridan (@sheridanhoops) reported about LeBron James' certain departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers in free agency next summer.

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Another NBA insider, Joe Vardon, got wind of this tweet, while on vacation no less, and shot back with triple the amount of sources.

Sheridan, with his NBA and sources credibility on the line, dug himself deeper into the sand and said any word from LeBron's camp that indicates his staying with the Cavs is a straight up lie.

Chris Sheridan has now dragged LeBron's associates into the mix and questioned their honesty, something I don't think they'll take lightly.

Either Sheridan knows for a fact that LeBron is 100% leaving next year, or he's just bet his entire image on the hunch James could be on his way out.

Mr. Sheridan, you better have every single one of your fingers crossed come free agency period next season, because people will DEFINITELY be dragging this tweet up if you turn out to be wrong.