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NBA 2017 Free Agency: Top 8 Free Agents Still Available


6 Days into the NBA Free Agency period has seen many great players sign quality new contracts. Guys like Paul Millsap, Kyle Lowry, and Gordon Hayward all made their big announcements already. But before you tune out free agency, know that there's still a few quality players left. Whether their proven veteran difference makers, or just off the bench scorers, these guys could be real difference makers. These are the top 7 free agents still on the market this summer:

8. Andrew Bogut

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

The former Warriors big man barely played with the Cavaliers, and now seeks a new team after getting cut. Interest in him has been limited, however.

7. Jeff Green


For some reason, Jeff Green has not been generating a whole lot of interest. A decent shooter and okay defender, Green should start receiving calls when the bigger names start to get signed.

6. CJ Miles


While not a name that sticks out right away, CJ Miles is a ripe shooter and knows how to work well with others. He can provide a valuable spark off the bench for a team that's willing to pay him.

5. Nene

Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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Previously rumored to be returning to the Rockets, the del apparently went flat. Now looking for a new contract, this veteran's landing spot is a huge question mark.

4. Pau Gasol


Yes, he'll probably be a Spur when it's all said and done. But technically, Pau is a free agent, meaning there's no guarantee he will sign anything quite yet. A proven veteran that seems to be holding back father time still has a place on any team in the NBA.

3. Tony Allen


One of the best veteran defenders in the league is available, and he has already been getting calls. While his preference is still unknown, his impact will no doubt help the next team that signs him.

2. Monta Ellis


After the Paul George move, the Pacers went all-in on their youth movement. Obviously, Monta doesn't fit there. A great scorer and solid playmaker, this combo guard could provide some awesome opportunities for the right team. The only question now, is what team will bring out the best in him?

1. Derrick Rose


Perhaps the last big name free agent left, Rose is still a shell of his former self. But if he can stay healthy, he is still a valuable asset to have to any team. Last rumored to be meeting with Milwaukee, things have fell eerily quiet regarding his next move.